Friday, March 17, 2017

Wearing Prosperity

We've recently collaborated with several bloggers and Instagram fashionistas. It seems not only do they love our message of sustainability, they also dig our fair trade jewelry. It's been a lot of fun seeing our pieces featured in several lifestyle shots. Our world coin necklaces which are part of our 'prosperity collection' have been a blogger favorite.  Several women have jumped at the chance to model these pieces. Only today, Rie Aoki posted a spectacular shot on Instagram wearing our four strander coin necklace. (Richard Romero @richromero_ earns the photo credit for these shots.) Rie also blogs and as soon as she has posted her entry about her shoot (with a lot more pics), we'll add the link to this story. You won't want to miss her dramatic images which also include Dunitz & Company fair trade earrings. [OK, you can see a snippet of our Screener Earrings in her photo shown here!]
Earlier this year we worked with Lisa Mecham. She sported some Dunitz & Company's coin jewelry for her blog entry "Favorite Pieces From My Jewelry Collection." That sure made us happy! Check out the photo to the right of this paragraph. That's Lisa with our four strander and beaded leather bracelet.  We say take the time to read her blog and see the other photos she posted of our designs. [Look right again. That's her photo with our coin lariat and bracelet.] While you're at it, peruse her other entries. We think you'll also enjoy following her on Instagram.
Why wouldn't you invest in one of our coin necklaces or bracelets?  Yes, they're stunning. They also make great conversation starters. I've almost never worn a piece when someone hasn't commented on the coins, where they are from and where they have traveled. Almost everyone enjoys sharing their tales of adventure to faraway lands. Mexico? Portugal? Egypt? No two pieces are ever the same. And our world coins come from absolutely everywhere. Want a bracelet or necklace with only Israeli coins? We do that too! -ND