Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Fair Trade Federation Bloggers

It definitely is a challenge to keep a blog current. And I do my best to keep the Dunitz & Company blog rolling. Perhaps you've read some of my entries? Sometimes I write about color  and fashion trends that influence our fair trade jewelry designs. Sometimes I create gift guides that include products from my Fair Trade Federation colleagues. I also enjoy interviewing colleagues.  Finding new topics that might engage people is an ongoing challenge.

As I pondered what to write about next, I thought I'd checkout other Fair Trade Federation member blogs. Thing is, I couldn't find a list of FTF member blogs anywhere. After scouring member websites, I decided to create a list....including mine/Dunitz & Company's of course! My requirements were that blogs had to be current with consistency of posting. And there had to be a range of topics people might find interesting to read. In no particular order, here are the blogs that met my criteria. (If I didn't include your company, and you think your blog should be added, please email me.)

EQUAL EXCHANGE - This might be one of the best blogs I've seen from our membership. It's thorough covering so many topics. (Yes! Recipes!) It's super easy to navigate. Seriously, I can't pin-point one entry worth missing. Definitely check it out.

FAIR TRADE WINDS -  I love that Fair Trade Winds often writes about the lines they sell in their stores. They're so supportive and informative.  They also post some fabulous fair trade recipes that will make you drool. (I always pin them to our Fair Trade Recipes board on Pinterest.)

PROJECT HAVE HOPE - You must read these incredibly well written and often heart wrenching stories about life in the in the Acholi Quarter of Unganda. I found the entries here some of the most informative and enlightening of all the Fair Trade Federation blogs I reviewed.

DR. BRONNER - You'll need an afternoon to read through all of Dr. Bronner's entries. You'll find thoughtful articles addressing current events. And you'll find great tips for how to use their wonderful products. I vote for their Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap. Learn more on their blog.

SERRV - Read about eyeglass initiatives or snag a recipe or two. There are posts that will warm your heart. Yes, I posted from their blog to the Dunitz Pinterest recipe page, yet again!

FAIR ANITA - Another fantastic blog from a FTF member!  Fair Anita tackles many controversial topics that will make your brain really think. You must click through and read some of what they offer. I have a date planned with their blog for this weekend!

THE LITTLE MARKET -  You should check out this...if only for the beautiful photography. And these people know how to eat. You'll find great blog posts with lots of recipes! Learn to make raspberry mojitos, perhaps?

CAFE CAMPESINO - Lovely posts. Lovely photos. Posts that let you know how their farmer's are doing during Covid-19 times. I enjoyed reading their post on random acts of Kindness.

MOSAIC - (a blog from Ten Thousand Villages) - Now here is a site where you can read about every possible topic that interests you. Yoga. Fashion. Travel. Maker Stories. This site is actually quite overwhelming.

MAYAN HANDS - A few years back I became aware of Mayan Hands' blog when they wrote an article that touched me deeply. This particular entry delved into how many vendors in Guatemala call their designs recycled, when in reality, poor people desperate for money are selling them their family textile heirlooms. These in turn are sewn into bags, hats and coin purses. Ever since reading that post, I know Mayan Hands always has something important to say.

RefuSHE - RefuSHE writes about issues specific to their business and issues beyond.  When you click on each blog entry, you'll find they also share some amazing photographs. I just read their post "What Does Home Mean to You?" which may raise a lot of questions for you.

SWAHILI AFRICAN MODERN - I encourage Swahili African Modern to post more often. Why? Their posts are few. But the ones they've made are truly wonderful.  I'm personally nuts about puppets and some dolls. Reading about Crispen, an artisan creating traditional papier mache in Zambia warmed my heart.

BUNYAAD - Here's a blog you can relate to. Reading lists. Recipes. How to clean wine from a rug. Even tips for choosing the right rug. (and they should know!) This is all info that just about anyone can enjoy.  And I'm drooling over the Pakistani rice pudding recipe they've written about.

BASKETS & BEADS KENYA - So worth checking out. Baskets & Beads just posted a 2 part series on empowerment and how for many poverty is big business. Take the time to read this entry and others on this site. This definitely is not a fluffy blog.

HOONARTS - HoonArts blog addresses topics that specifically relate to Central Asia. And this is a good thing because I think most of us know very little about this part of the world. After checking out HoonArts blog, you can read my post where I interviewed Rikki Quintana, the woman behind this company.

HUMANKIND SLO - Check out Humankind's blog. It's fun to read their stories about the lines they carry. They also write about topics that are specific to their community. Maybe one day soon, they'll interview me.  In the meantime, I actually wrote a post on this blog where you can learn a bit more about LynAnne Wiest, their store manager.

SSEKO DESIGNS - SSeko's blog seems to focus on issues and stories about their brand and products.  It's easy on the eyes with pretty photos.  I'm guessing their blog is perfect reading for their customers. If you wear Sseko sandals, check out their blog and learn a bit more.

RAVEN & LILY - It looks like Raven & Lily's blog, noted as "the Journal" was started earlier this year. You'll find interviews with makers, reading recommendations and a bit about their home base of Austin, TX.  I'm going to keep my eye on this journal, for sure.

MAYAMAM WEAVERS - I am always drooling over the photos Mayamam Weavers posts on Instagram. Now I can drool more when checking out their blog.  And since they work in Guatemala (where I've been working for almost forever,) I really adore seeing their images. I see faces and designs that have become part of me. (Figuratively. Not literally.)  I really enjoyed reading their latest post about the the story behind the ceramics of San Antonio Palopo. I remember in the 90's I hiked to this community with my niece, who joined me on one of my working trips. We took some time off to hunt for these ceramics, which at that point in time, were not yet widely available. Thank you Mayamam for reminding me of this wonderful day spent with my niece many moons ago.

BLOSSOM INSPIRATIONS - Definitely check out Blossom Inspirations. It seems they only started their blog this year. However, in a short time they've dealt with issues of quarantine, Black Lives Matter and immigration. Substantive topics, for sure.

FAIR TRADE DECOR - Fair Trade Decor, a retailer in Coronado, CA has a blog perfect for their customers. They share stories of their products and producers. They write about how they are dealing with Covid-19. (We all can relate!) They write about their special events which often include concerts in-store. I'm sure once we all can move around more easily, they'll be hosting more. 

QUILLING CARD - Are you a fan of Quilling Card? Check out their blog to learn more about their beautiful cards.

GANESH HIMAL TRADING -  Learn a bit more about Ganesh Himal and their activities domestically and in Nepal when you check out their blog. You can even find an interview with Chris Solt, the Executive Director of Fair Trade Federation.

MZ - Perusing MZ's blog was fun. They share some great photos. Learn which of their handbags are their artisan's favorites.  Or find out what MZ staff is doing during quarantine times. (Some of them are baking!) Their most recent posts makes suggestions for things you can do to support the Fashion Revolution during these turbulent times.

ZAMBEEZI - Have you tried Zambeezi's lip balm? It's fabulous. I recently discovered Zambeezi had a blog when they posted an interview with LeeAnne McCoy from the fab website Change The World By How You Shop.  You can read our interview with LeeAnne on our blog, posted in February 2019.

GOEX - GOEX blog often goes within sharing information about their business.  We call that transparency. They also write about issues affecting all business, and topics that are educational. Earlier this year, they wrote about World Fair Trade Day.

LUCUMA - The Lucuma blog is really fun and collaborative. Recently they created some great photos that feature products from many FTF members. I love that! Just because. Have kids? I discovered a paper pattern you can download to make puppets.

GLOBAL GIFTS - Here you'll find some informative posts that explain a bit about the products they sell. They've also created their own gift guides that feature goodies from the fair trade companies they support. Gotta love it! Last year, I actually wrote a blog post, an interview with Alissa Head, the Executive Director of Global Gifts.

PASSION LILY - This company refers to their blog as a 'Designer's Journal.' Learn how to style a wrap dress and sew your own masks for coronavirus production. (I think I'll buy one, thank you!)

GALLANT INTERNATIONAL - Gallant offers up some great posts that share all kinds of info on fair trade and sustainability. Who knew I'd find tips for home composting on a FTF member blog?

LEVEL GROUND TRADING - Everything you want to know about coffee. And since I have a Fair Trade Food & Recipes board on Pinterest, I know where I'll be sharing many of there posts!

GLOBAL MAMAS -  Global Mamas has a robust blog and it is well worth visiting. Great photos.  And posts that share more about the Mamas and just about everything else from health, fashion to volunteering in Ghana. Warning, their site loads a bit slowly. It is well worth the wait.

SEVYA -  The women of Sevya are always so thoughtful. And their blog entries also prove this point. When I was younger, I spent some time in Indonesia learning about batik and batik making. Because of this, I found their article about Block Printing in India of particular interest.

DUNITZ & COMPANY - Yup! That's us. 'Nuff said. After all, this is our blog post you're reading.

It's absolutely amazing that before I took on this project, I had no idea that so many of my Fair Trade Federation colleagues had blogs. And after reading entries from many of them, I'm almost certain they're being under-read, under-shared and not acknowledged enough. I am so impressed with my fair trade colleagues. I know how much time and effort I spend writing posts for the Dunitz & Company blog. Now I'm certain, I need to spend just as much time reading entries from the blogs I have shared here. I'm also stoked that I now have new sources for sharing valuable tales of fair trade. Are you following Dunitz on twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram?  Please follow us (that's me), and I promise to follow back.

I hope you too, will get on board and read what Fair Trade Federation members have to say. The wisdom and information they share on their pages stretch so many boundaries. And while you're at it, if you read something you appreciate, share it, tweet it, post it. Let's all generously share each other's posts. Every share, tweet and post makes a difference. -ND