Friday, March 3, 2017

Miley Cyrus & Pink Flowers

The Voice is on air again. And while I really enjoy watching the auditions of so many talented singers, I also miss seeing the fashion statements from some of the judges from season's past.  I mean no disrespect to Gwen Stefani or Alicia Keys. I'm sure as the season progresses, I'll definitely call them out for some of their drapery.  Heck, I absolutely know their do and do nots are and will be noteworthy.  But when the Voice launched earlier this week, I was reminded of Miley Cyrus and her overdone and whimsical "flowers on denim" look. How could you not have fun with that one and the consistent jokes from Blake Shelton?  I only wish she had been wearing Dunitz & Company fair trade flowers all over her outfit.  Wouldn't that have been a coup for fair trade and our message of sustainability and respect for the artisans that create what we wear? What would people out on the street think if I went out with that look. See my jeans here covered in flowers. I suspect they'd think I was just as silly as Miley and a very odd nut. I'm not Miley. My suggestion is to pick out one jumbo flower in your favorite color and wear it at your collar or on your jacket...maybe to close your scarf. Wear ours and stand up for fair trade. You'll definitely be on-trend with our flower accents. If you operate a retail store, please login to the Dunitz wholesale website and order some for your shelves. And if you know Miley Cyrus, give us a shout out. We'd love to work with her and have her model Dunitz & Company fair trade jewelry. We're certain her endorsement would do a lot of good and reinforce with many people that every dollar counts when they carefully consider their purchases. -ND