Monday, June 25, 2018

Why the Name? Dunitz & Company

My pet peeve. A little one. The name of our business is Dunitz & Company. Many people when refering to our business abbreviate our name, offering us up as Dunitz & Co. We see it printed like this all the time. And, that's just not us.  Although a google search will find us. Thankfully.

What was I thinking when I called my newly minted operation, Dunitz & Company?  At the time I had no idea how big my business would grow. Or what my collections would ultimately grow to include. Logic inspired me to use my name. In the late 80's there was a very popular TV talk show in Detroit (where I spent my early years) on WXYZ-TV, Kelly & Company.  Emulation is the sincerest form of flattery. I loved the way co-anchors Marilyn Turner and John Kelly used the words "& Company" for their program.  Dictionary definition #2 -  "the fact or condition of being with another or others, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment." And this is completely what I intended when I followed suit. The word COMPANY in Dunitz & Company has nothing to do with definition #1 - "a commercial business" at all. And we all know "Co." is the abbreviation for a commercial business!

So there you have it. When I can, and if the correction can be done easily, I politely ask people to update their business listings, blogs, event signage and badges. If the change isn't a simple one, I roll with it. Didn't I mention Google earlier? Google has our business location listed...just like I hate seeing it. Did I say we're technically Dunitz & Company, Inc.?

When I launched my operation back in 1989, I struggled to name it.  At the time I was primarily offering home decor items with a few hints of jewelry. I considered several options. And ultimately I decided to use my name. (I always joke that it's a good thing I did that. What happens if I'd incorporated as Pillows Plus? I'd sure be in trouble since we've exclusively sold fair trade jewelry for many years.) 

Here's another tidbit of information I learned (by chance, not planned) when I launched my business.  While I was building relationships with custom brokers, packaging vendors and component suppliers, I was told by their collections representatives that companies (that's co. companies) using their names to represent their businesses are the best credit risk. It makes sense. By choosing, Dunitz to represent myself professionally, I've definitely told the universe that I have no intent to soil my name. That sort of goes hand in hand with fair trade jewelry.

So now you have it.You now know why Dunitz & Company is named as it is.What do you think? - ND

Saturday, June 9, 2018

All About Shape for Joanie M Fused Glass

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My. Oops wrong story. Circles and Triangles and Squares, Oh My. That's more like it when it comes to our Joanie M fused glass fair trade jewelry.  This collection is all about "color" and "SHAPE".

Every season I spend a lot of time following color trends. I learn from runway shows, fashion magazines, Pantone projections and watching people on the street. This provides me lots of ideas for color combinations I'll develop for not only our Joanie M fused glass, but for our long established Dunitz & Company seed bead jewelry designs. I adore color work and planning.

Now - back at the topic at hand. It may seem simple, and perhaps it is. But the main thing that drives Joanie M fused glass sales is finding the right shapes and offering those shapes in the perfect size. Seriously! It seems for earrings, smaller is better. But, not always. The answer? Lots of trial and error.

Through trial and error, I've learned there are definitely shapes that never seem to sell well.  If it has more than 4 sides, forget it.  Pentigons. Octagons. Hexigons. No. No. No. Been there, done it. Take my advice. Or make your own mistakes. I've also learned if something is 4-sided, and the sides are different lengths, forget it. That means no to trapezoids...unless it's a rhombus. These are the rules of my fashion by geometry lesson.

Now don't think I've exhausted all the options. You'll have to stay tuned to find our what our new Joanie M fused glass earring shape (and size) introduction for Fall 2018 will be. Yes, I have something up my sleeve. And if you work at it, you might guess what that might be. Feel free to send your guess on over! 

What is the queen of all shapes? It seems in fused glass jewelry and seed bead jewelry, all fair trade jewelry, the "teardrop" reigns. Let's put a crown on her! -ND