Monday, March 6, 2017

Fair Trade Flower Fun

March means Spring. And soon it will be April. The weather is warming and flowers are beginning to bloom. OK - I'm in California. The flowers are always blossoming here. That means it is also the time to wear fair trade flowers in your hair.  OK - again!  We think any time of year is perfect for wearing flowers in your hair.  Just ask Kirsten Vangsness, the actress who plays Penelope on the hit show Criminal Minds.  She always has big and bright flowers in her hair.  Heck, we say wear more than one. Tie all you hair up in back and wear 2 or 3. Why the heck not?
Did you know our fair trade flower barrettes (and pins, yes, we have flower pins too) are handmade in Peru? Most of Dunitz & Company's fair trade jewelry collection is made in Guatemala. However, these wonderful flower we're showing off here are not. In 2011, I traveled to Peru. Oh what a glorious trip that was.  While in Cuzco, I stopped in a little gift shop and discovered a bowl filled with these tiny little flower pins fashioned from sheepskin. I bought one thinking at some point I'd either wear it or gift it to one of my nieces.  Later that day I met up with a friend for lunch who was working in Peru at the time. The more the merrier. He invited his friend Pedro to join us. After showing Pedro my flower, his eyes brightened.  We went back to the shop where I'd purchased the flower and Pedro confirmed with the shop owner that the flower had been made by an artisan and friend he hadn't seen for several years. It turned out his friend had fallen on hard times and had moved to Lima where he had some family. Kismet. I met Jim in Lima two days later and we decided to work together. Jim told me his flowers were selling nowhere in Peru except for the small shop where I had purchased my pin. Are chills running down your arms yet?  It was meant to be. That's me and Jim in the photo to the right. After hearing this story, aren't these the flower barrettes you want to be wearing? -ND