Friday, March 18, 2016

Music Feeding the Soul

I had dinner with my 20-something niece the other evening.  She mentioned that she bought a turntable and was now collecting LPs.  (I still have mine from the day and told her to come rifle through them.)  Our conversation reminded me of how much I enjoy listening to music and playing DJ in my own home. I put one song on my turntable and another ready to go on the CD player. Sometimes I listen to the same song 5 times before I move on.  Note to self: Play DJ more often.
Dunitz & Company is getting ready to exhibit at the Boston Gift Show, April 2-5.  As I was doing some last minute prep work, I started thinking about songs that remind me of Boston. Two immediately came to mind. Please Come to Boston by Dave Loggins (1974) and Dirty Water from the Standells (1966). [I remember my older sister playing and singing along to this '45' when I was a tot.]  And then there is Rock and Roll Band from, yes, Boston and Massachusetts, an oldie but goody from the Bee Gees. Dare I ask? What songs remind you of Boston? - ND