Tuesday, September 19, 2023

A Competition That Could Benefit You & Us

Today I announce a competition that could benefit you and us. And actually, we could have several winners. Dunitz & Company is always looking for new ideas for their fair trade jewelry collection. And the ideas don't always come from our own heads. Just saying.


Who knows better than you, what will sell in your store (or you might purchase in a store)? If you suggest a new painting for our famous art earrings collection, and we are able to offer it, we'll send you a pair as a gift. (When making suggestions keep in mind, images need to be available in the public domain.) Last year a customer recommended we add "The Kiss" to our collection. And she was right on target!  

Have an entire "collections" idea for us? If it makes sense and we can create it, we will send you a dozen pairs to sell in your store. Come on! We know you have some great ideas. Help us help you. And not just you and us. Good ideas help us provide more work for artisans in Guatemala. Please send us digital photos. We know some of you might suggest sea life, fish and turtles. So far, we haven't found good accessible art. Perhaps you can share some with us.

Check out some of our popular collections that might get your light bulbs turned on. 


Our customers love butterflies! This collection of butterflies is reordered and reordered. 

And if you haven't brought our musical instrument studs into your store, it might be time to do so.






We thought this collection would be fantastic for sports fans and players. This is our newest collection.




Bring it on! We'd love to hear your ideas of what you WANT to sell in your stores. Perhaps we can provide it. Dunitz & Company wants you! -ND