Friday, September 4, 2015

When You See What I Don't See...

Dream Catcher Necklace - SKU: CL7SP
When you see what I don't see, I learn all sorts of things.  When designing the Fall 2015 collections, I took into account that many clothing designers were using lots of fringe EVERYWHERE.  Fringe Skirts. Fringe Vests. Fringe Handbags.  Of course I've designed many things with fringe in the past.  But, it had been some time.  So, for this season, I specifically set out to create some necklaces and lots of earrings with fringe.  When I 'm working on new designs, I go into a bit of a trance mode.  So, in this case - the result was...well spiritual.  I didn't see what all of my customers saw.  I didn't see it until over and over and over everyone repeated the same thing.  This new necklace looks like a "dream catcher".  Those new earrings look like a "dream catcher".   The result has been spectacular.  It seems our customers have been mesmerized by these designs. Thank you all. -ND