Monday, July 31, 2023

My Favorite Summer Finds; Fair Trade, Vintage, Handmade

As owner, salesperson and box packer for my business, Dunitz & Company, you know I'm all about fair trade. I like supporting fair trade in general. I also love hunting for vintage treasure and all things handmade. Here are some of my favorite finds this summer of 2023.


round bar of garden soap wrapped in paper
If you've been watching my personal Instagram, you know gardening is my new passion! What does that mean? I'm always on the hunt for pots and plants and all things gardening.  One of my favorite discoveries this summer is Gardener's Hand Soap from Daisy Hollow Farm on ETSY.  OMG, it's amazing. It smells wonderful without being overpowering. It has little cranberry seeds that also help scrub off dirt. My newest bar hangs out in a small dish by my kitchen sink where I use it regularly.

Stargazer Bulbs wrapped and ready to plant
I have recently joined all these gardening groups on Facebook. And I'm inundated with videos and stories on Instagram of gardens I envy. It also means I'm gathering all sorts of tips and inspirations. You might not know this about me. But my favorite flower is Stargazers.  My ears perked up when another California person wrote that her Stargazers blossomed and looked amazing. How is that possible? She told me about Holland Bulb Farms. This website is a true find. I immediately ordered Stargazer bulbs which I will plant this weekend. Let's hope they come up next Spring. The best part, they were on sale and the instructions were for immediate planting. (I promise to share photos when they bloom.)

Woman wearing Sevya sleeveless top
It's been HOT! I think that is the consensus just about everywhere. The lightweight sleeveless tops I discovered from Sevya Fair Trade are amazing. They're super adorable and super comfie.  I strongly recommend you check out our Fair Trade Federation colleague’s designs.  Don't worry if you want to cover up your arms they have lots of options for you. Once I realized how much I LOVE the top I'm wearing in this photo, I had to order others.

Vintage Scarab Bracelet

I adore vintage. And this one is so random. A few months ago, I was thinking about a scarab bracelet my parents had given me when I was a young girl. I assumed it was long lost, and randomly went on eBay to see if I might see something similar. Guess what? I found the bracelet in my safety deposit box recently and I've been wearing it. It fill me with joy knowing it was a gift from my parents who passed long ago. Honestly, it isn't all that valuable dollar-wise. It being tucked away in such a secure location is baffling to me. If you'd like a piece of history, you can find one similar for $20 or $25 on eBay. Just search for scarab bracelets. This one on my wrist, is a wonderful summer find!

Vintage Botanical Roses Print

Did I say how much I like hunting for vintage goodies? Of course, I have. Typically I do this by scouring flea markets, and sometimes eBay. This summer I discovered Estate Sales are another way to find treasures. One estate sale, actually. But I might go to some others now from time to time. For some reason I was seeing ads on Facebook for Again LA Estate Sales, based here in Los Angeles. They were advertising an estate sale for Naomi Hirshhorn who passed at 97. She was the daughter of Joseph Hirshhorn, think Smithsonian Museum. I knew he was one of  the art collecting greats, which made me very curious about his daughter. I was most curious about her house which was located in a more up-market neighborhood close to my home, and only an 18 minute walk per Google. How could I not go have a look. And as it turned out, I learned of the sale on the last day, when anything remaining was 75% off!  Evidently her most valuable art was transferred to bigger art galleries for sale. But trust me, even on the last day of the sale, there was tons of  "stuff" that had to go. I spent about $40.00 - and $20 went for this wonderful vintage framed botanical. Not bad. And to think I now have a piece, Hirshhorn. Crazy Find.


Trader Joe Ethiopian Fair Trade Coffee
Finally a re-find. Several years ago, I had purchased Ethiopian fair trade coffee at Trader Joes. And then somehow I forgot how nice Ethiopian beans are. I'm once again drinking in style. And the best thing? This coffee is fair trade certified.







Summer Finds Pin

We're in the throws of summer now. Summer is officially over the first Monday of September. That means between now and then, I hope to uncover some other fabulous finds.  If and when I do, I'll add them to this post.  In the meantime, have some fun and happy hunting for your own treasures. Let me what you discover. Maybe you'll find your next favorite on the Dunitz & Company website! -ND