Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pin It On for Pantsuit Nation

Pantsuit Nation. You might say this is all about Hillary Clinton. And many would agree with you. Since the election, lots of Pantsuit Nation groups by any other name have organized on Facebook. Most promote equity, liberty and social justice.
Many of the biggest clothing designers from around the globe have jumped on the Pantsuit bandwagon.  Fall 2017 ready-to-wear runways showed off many many pantsuits - some conservative, others boldly colored with unconventional lines. We think wearing any of these makes for a strong woman and a strong statement. Check out the latest from Alexander McQueen, Marni, Jil Sander and Max Mara. I'm tellin' ya - after seeing these and others, I'm wildly happy I saved several of my very own pantsuits from the 1980s!
So what does a jewelry designer (that's me) suggest for all these stunning solid colored top & bottom coordinates? If you were a politician, we'd tell you to attach straight up, a flag pin. But, since we're not, we suggest fair trade brooches. Dunitz & Company offers all kinds of artisan made fair trade pins to doll up any of these outfits. Some resemble roses made of sheepskin. Others are made from scraps of handwoven Guatemalan fabric with glass bead adornments. Quilters will love our yoyo flowers.  If you're looking for your retail store, Dunitz & Company has lots of pretties to send you. Login to our wholesale catalog and have a look. Our embroidered denim pins might be the number. Don't want to place a brooch on your lapel? You KNOW you have a hat, handbag or coat begging to be adorned with our fair trade pins! -ND