Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yet....another social networking site!

Carmen Iezzi, Executive Director of the Fair Trade Federation has "tweeted" the challenge! But am I up to it? I've hardly mastered Facebook and Twitter! I've struggled to recruit fans and thumbs ups to the Dunitz & Company Facebook page. (We have 254 as of this post date!) And it was only a few weeks ago that I, Ms.nbdunitz was encouraged to tweet all I could at the Chicago Gift an effort to win the elusive iPad. (I'm almost certain I tweeted the most at market. I however did not win the iPad. The odds had to have been in my favor.) The newest challenge - sign up for! Learn it. Use it. Review it. It has been suggested that may be an excellent communication tool at the upcoming Fair Trade Futures Conference taking place in Boston Sept 10-12! Does this mean I have one more reason to keep my nose pointed at my telephone?
Mmmm. I guess the challenge is on. I've signed up and I'm about to look for the Droid app. Do you want to be my friend? You can check out too :) -ND

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Before & After....

We're in the midst of trade show season. I've been barreling through shows from Los Angeles, Chicago, New York.... and soon Fort Lauderdale. It never ends. Once you set up and tear down a booth you're in the next city doing it all over again. When you attend and walk the various trade shows you see all types of exhibits. Large. Small. Well designed. Not designed. Low budget. High budget. The challenges of booth display always rely on time, money and man power. Our booth usually takes one full day to set up. In some cases, we show up two days before an event and set up what we consider the booth infrastructure. Yup - the infrastructure usually consists of lots of drapery, tables & posters. Check out our "before and after" photos from the Chicago Gift Show & NY Gift Shows this year. Look at what we see when we show up in the exhibition hall. And ...see what we later present our customers with. Let me know what you think! -ND