Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thank You - Goes a Long Way!

A few days ago I was determined to write & send out an email blast to our wholesale customers.  I was struggling with what to say.  Sometimes we have trade shows coming up.  Or new designs to brag about.  What came to me was "Thank you" - a big "Thank you."  I decided to acknowledge all the people and groups that make Dunitz... Dunitz.  I thanked my customers. I thanked our artisans. I thanked the press, my mascots, Fair Trade Federation and trade show organizers. I thanked everyone!
Guess what?  This email blast was opened by more recipients than any other I've sent recently.  When looking at statistics, it appears between 10-20% more people read my "Thank you".  That was my boomerang Thank you.  I'm still smiling. - ND