Monday, February 22, 2016

We Have That Look

I read what seems like zillions of fashion magazines.  I watch the fashionistas on Instagram. Trust me, I'm on top of the fashion pages in print and online.  So often I see something and think "We have that look."  And then the thought disappears. It dawned on my this week that I SHOULD be make the comparisons for our customers.  So, here is a new beginning.
While browsing Instagram this weekend, I noticed that Alexa Chung , actress, model and Vogue editor donned a huge flower on her blazer at London Fashion Week. Voila. Dunitz has that look in all sorts of colors with our jumbo #fairtrade Peruvian flowers (SKU: JO-P5).  We're on trend with this!
On Sunday, it was hard to miss a story highlighting various earrings in the Image section of the Los Angeles Times.  Staring back at me were beaded & wire earrings from Thai importer, Nakomol.  The article mentioned that their earrings are selling at Neiman Marcus.  You betcha. Dunitz has the look. We're showing ours (SKU: ARW82) in twelve different colors this season. I already knew they were winners. This just confirms the look is right on the mark. - ND

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Good things come in small packages. It seems this adage applies to the Dunitz jewelry line as well.  Every season we design what I believe to be new spectacular necklaces and earrings.  Our customers ooooo and ahhhhhh.  And then, what to do they buy in huge volume?  The smallest earrings we have to offer.  Is this a never-ending design trend?  Now my challenge each season is what can we design - that is smaller than last season.  Spring 2016 results.  Our super tiny JoanieM glass studs (SKU: JM-ER35) and our tiny Dunitz beaded flower earrings (SKU: ARduoflor1).  Very inexpensive - & yes, flying off our shelves.  Based on history, these small items will be a success for our customers as well.   Any thoughts on this trend?  When will "big" earrings return with a vengeance? -ND