Friday, May 30, 2014

Two Women

I was browsing through some of the photographs I've taken in Guatemala earlier today.  What I noticed is I've taken several photographs of "two women".  Is it me? Or do women frequently travel in pairs?  I rarely have a photo of just one...or three. Perhaps no matter the culture, women always have their BFF at their side.  Tell me what you think? -ND
Two Women, Santiago Atitlan
Santiago Atitlan stop light

Two Women...& a child.
Two Women, Solola

Two Women & tomatoes

Monday, May 12, 2014

Fashion Colors & Joanie M

I know I've posted photos before of how we create color combinations for our beaded line  We do the same for our Joanie M fused glass.  Designer runway shows frequently give us inspiration for our jewelry. Here are two teaser pics for Fall 2014.
Check out the coppery red presented by Dennis Basso.  Our new color #63 will surely translate the richness.

I love the designs from Vivienne Tam each and every season.  Her Fall 2014 lineup was no different.  It only made sense to use some of her outfits for color inspiration.  Drawing from this wonderful jade & jet outfit, we've created Joanie M's new color #55.

Yum! Right? - ND

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Little Nostalgia...& Big TV Sets.

I confess, I still have one of those large TV's.  I remember sweating over which brand and what size to buy. Yes - that's the TV with the image of Dayna Devon from EXTRA TV. 
One of my very first beaded designs was a little net choker.  Dunitz sold 100s - maybe 1000s of these.  We created so many fun color combinations.  One mail order catalog we worked with had us create Halloween, Christmas and July 4th versions. I'm certain we created them for other holidays too. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. After other companies copied our net choker, we retired it from our arsenal.  I'm sure you can still find this design from other wholesalers.
The most fun was seeing our net chokers turn up on TV! Yes - it was fun catching Dayna Devon on EXTRA wearing our choker. We also captured Tangi Miller wearing our net cutie over and over on her hit show, Felicity. I was lucky enough to snap her a couple of times - yes watching the BIG TV. I know it's Friday. Can I call today #ThrowBackFriday? OK - #ThrowBackThursday one day late. - ND

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Bit of Photographic History - Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

A friend of mine has spent a lot of energy researching, collecting & sharing old photographs from Guatemala. I've been particularly interested in the old photos from Santiago Atitlan. This is the community where Dunitz & Company's beadwork is created.  It is amazing to see how so much and yet, so little has changed. The women haven't changed their style. Many of the buildings in these photos are the ones you see in town today. Enjoy! -ND.
1955. Art, Architecture & Engineering Library. University of Michigan. Donated by Louis Redstone.

1955. Art, Architecture & Engineering Library. University of Michigan. Donated by Louis Redstone.
1960's. Stoiber Collection. Dartmouth University

Public Beach. 1920's. Photographer Unknown.

1920's. Photographer Unknown.

1930's. Carnegie Institute of Washington. Peabody Museum. Harvard University

1931. Public Beach. Samuel Lothrop

1950-1960's. Pablo Sittler.

1953. Karl Paschkis.

Semana Santa 1960's. John Dealy. Cirma Fototeca