Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Holidays... Happy Happy.

Happy Holidays from Dunitz & Company, Nancy and company mascot, Byron. ND

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Greener America

Have you checked out Green America's (formerly Coop America) website? It is an excellent resource for information. Read about global warming or how to make your home more efficient. Perhaps you'll find the holiday shopping guide helpful. Dunitz & Company is a member of Green America and supports its causes. We recently paid for an ad in/on their Wholesale Connection section. Check out our .gif ad in the jewelry section. It was my first attempt at an animated gif. (I tried to post it here, but it doesn't seem to work on the blog.) We're hoping that has retailers become more interested in fair trade and green issues, they will use Green America as a source for finding new and wonderful products. Get the word out. Become a member yourself. And...did you turn the lights out before you left home this morning? ND

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Green Is In!

I'm always thinking about how we can make some beautiful designs in Guatemala that use recycled materials. I think I finally stumbled upon an idea that will be fabulous for Spring. Whenever I have visited the various town markets, I always see women selling old huipils (traditional blouses) and other hand woven and embroidered fabrics. In many cases what you find are either scraps or garments that are no longer being worn. Ding Ding. Why not repurpose this fabric to make lots of colorful and wonderful necklaces and bracelets? For January 2010, Dunitz & Company will introduce a variety of designs that incorporate these textiles. Stay tuned! For your eyes now, a preview. ND