Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Taste of Judaica

I've been asked time and time again to create some attractive beaded Judaica designs. Women from various temple gift stores have visited my trade show booth and asked. Friends with bat-mitzvah age daughters have asked. Fair traders have asked. I was asked for jewelry and yarmulkes for women. The trick for me was to create designs that were tasteful and weren't viewed as "religion" in your face.
When I was young I desperately wanted a Jewish star necklace that didn't look like the same necklace that was worn by all the girls I went to Sunday school with. One day I saw a silver star (with six points) that looked like a shooting star. It was in a jewelry store owned by a friend's dad. He agreed that he could cast one similar for me in gold. It was very subtle and I very much liked that about it. One of my nieces is now the proud owner of this necklace.
The point of mentioning this necklace from my childhood is to reflect on its subtle religious overtones. The beaded jewelry Dunitz will introduce in January 2011 is subtle in the same way. Absolutely any woman whether Jewish or not, would enjoy wearing the new cuffs. The Star of David is there... but it is far from gaudy. We'll be showing coordinating skinny bracelets, necklaces and earrings. And yes, they will be available in twelve new color combinations!
I'm also very excited about our new collection of yarmulkes for women. I'm not discriminating. Men can wear them too. However, my hunch is only women will want to wear these beaded beauties. We'll be showing 4 different designs....crocheted & beaded in twelve color schemes. Stay tuned. And, please share the good news about these fresh designs with your temple & synagogue gift shops. -ND