Monday, January 16, 2017

Studs Always Win

Every season we design lots of new earring styles. Why? Because we find our customers buy and buy earrings. And - we have also learned that many customers want the smallest sized earrings they can find. If you operate a retail store and login to our wholesale site, you'll see we've added more studs for you to choose from. Our challenge has been how do we create new and exciting designs on the tiniest footprint. Now we have fused glass options, beaded options, embroidered options, ribbon options and a combination of all of these element options. It's funny how one can become attached to the smallest of designs.  If you're looking for yourself, our websites have a wonderful store locator function.  No shops near you? You'll find many pretties available on our retail site. Please remember when you order from Dunitz & Company, you are purchasing items that are fair trade. Dunitz is a proud member of Fair Trade Federation and a gold certified Green America business. You'll not only be purchasing beautiful items, you'll know you are also sustaining the artisans that are creating them. -ND