Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dunitz Retail

Dunitz & Company has all kinds of new challenges for 2017. One of our new challenges is how to best get our new Dunitz retail website in front of the eyes of millennials. We’ve ascertained that millennials rather shop online than go into stores.  Of course, we’d love for everyone to shop at our retail partner brick & mortars. To help with this, our websites have a sophisticated store locator function.

To find new customers online we’ve been working Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and yes, Facebook.  We use #hashtags. Tips welcome.  We’ve been playing up that our business practices are ethical and fair trade. Dunitz is a gold certified business member of Green America and a proud member of Fair Trade Federation.  We practice what we preach.  The challenge is there seems to be a glut of small operations posting everywhere.  How the heck do people sift through data overload? 
Do you have some thoughts or ideas for us? We've designed a beautiful and amazing retail website. Some have suggested we sell on Amazon or Etsy. Why would we do that?  And I've heard from some others artists that they haven't been successful with their pages on these monster websites. Do you have a small business with some success stories? Are you willing to share some tips? Are you a social media professional with a good plan? We’ll gladly entertain your pitch. We’d love to hear from you.

Next entry. The new challenges of a wholesale business.-ND