Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Beads Embroidery Gucci Dunitz

When asked what designer has been going bead crazy or embroidery crazy lately what might you respond. Gucci? Tom Ford? And yes they have. You'd be right. Purchase something from their collection and you'll certainly own an amazing piece. And you'll be a lot poorer.  A handbag, jacket or skirt will set you back 1000's of dollars. When I see Gucci accessories in the recent issues of Vogue or Elle, I think a few things. First I know they've absolutely been inspired by traditional Guatemala handiwork. And second, I wonder why hipsters wouldn't search online and find our wholesale and retail websites.  If you're a retailer or just looking for you, you should know of our work. Think beads. Think embroidery. Think on-trend fashion. Think Dunitz.

Dunitz & Company
We've been working with talented Guatemalan artisans since the early 90s. Beading and embroidery is nothing new for us. We inspire and have been inspired by the women we've nurtured for many years. They have amazing abilities to bead and embroider flowers and birds. It's second nature since their traditional iconography embraces all things of nature.  With our help, we've collaborated to create designs, color combinations and adornments that please many a fashionista. Within our collections you'll find amazing earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories and even finger rings dolled up with fantastic embroidery and beads.  Want amazing beaded and embroidered accessories. Think Dunitz. And save a lot of money! -ND