Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Long Handmade & Fair Trade Lariats

Have you noticed many celebrities wearing long lariats this season? And we mean long! Many of them are wrapping and wrapping around super long ribbons and tying bows around their necks. Much of what I see in the magazines feels very Victorian.  Could this fashion style be stemming from recent television serials such as The Crown or Masterpiece Victoria. Could be.
When designing for Spring 2017, I thought it was important to address this trend. You'll see two new styles from Dunitz & Company  in the photo to the right. Both are being shown in 12 colors at the wholesale trade shows. The beaded Circle Three Lariat shown on the left (SKU: CLR1) is approximately 63" long. That allows for a lot of wrapping. These are designed with a long strand of Czech or Japanese glass seed beads with round accents adorned with leather cord and crystals. The design on the right, our Rectangle Glass Lariat (SKU: JM-N36) comes from our Joanie M fair trade fused glass collection.  Fused glass squares and rectangles are attached to a macrame cord stretching about 49".  Both designs are light in weight and easy to wear. Perhaps you want a lariat for you? Definitely link to our Shop Dunitz site.  -ND