Saturday, January 28, 2017

Global Goodness Recognition

I just returned from Las Vegas Market where Dunitz & Company was singled out for our contributions for making a better world. OK - four companies were honored. Las Vegas Market's intentions were to recognize companies whose production and business practices are making positive impacts on the gift & furniture industries and also to communities around the world. And that we do. Dunitz & Company actively follows fair trade principles and is a member of Fair Trade Federation.
Dunitz & Company won a Global Goodness nod last year as a fan favorite.  Facebook readers liked and commented on photos and stories provided by various exhibitors.  We have great fans and customers.  And we thought we might win the same nod again this year.  Lots of our followers wrote wonderful comments about us.  Turns out another FTF member, Quilling Card won this award.
Almost better, three other companies were chosen by industry experts for the award. Dunitz & Company (gift division) and two others representing furniture and home decor.  The press release announcing the winners was circulated just before market opened.  I had no direct hand in the selection. (With the Facebook "popularity contest", I did ask friends and customers to give us the thumbs up.)  So as it happened, I feel even more delighted and touched with the award I was chosen for. The recognition of Dunitz & Company brought tears to my eyes. I work so diligently. And the fair trade business I operate is not always a simple effort. It's so nice to be recognized for our contributions. We are so proud of the work we do and the fair trade jewelry we bring to the marketplace. -ND