Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Yellow - Be Brave My Fashionistas

Oooo. Yellow for fashion has always scared me a bit. And as we embark on our looks for 2019, Dunitz & Company fair trade jewelry is offering some sunny and brave alternatives. Heck, Glamour Magazine has boldly stated that "Yellow is the Biggest Color Trend for Spring."

Seriously! If Carolina Herrera, Max Mara and Marc Jacobs can offer yellow- so can we. This list goes on and on. Lanvin. Bottega Veneta. Balenciaga. Brandon Maxwell. Lela Rose. Etro. Monse. Kate Spade New York. Oscar de la Renta. Should I keep typing? Even after reading this long list of top designers banking on yellow, you may reconsider your wearables for the soon to be warmer weather.

Is the concept of yellow jiving with you yet? Marie Claire magazine also confirms that "yellow" is on the money.  Their recent trend article offered up some images of more subtle yellow shades, even if they were coined 'egg-yolk yellow'. Can I say this confused me a bit? These designs featured by Marie Claire (Jonathan Simkhai. Tibi. Escada. Rodarte.) reveal lovely softer yellows, definitely not egg-yolk. (I think these outfits are definitely an easier wear for the not-so-brave.)

Pantone, as you may know, made a huge study of all the runway fashion shows before announcing their colors for Spring 2019. Their "Aspen Gold" sure sounds sexier than Egg Yolk. The shade - very similar. The feeling? Bold. Warm. Sunny. Happy. So, I say, be brave, bring on the yellow. Even a paler yellow.  (Did you know I painted my house yellow? Random non-sequitur, I know. It definitely is a "happy" color.)

My guess is most of you don't have much vibrant yellow clothing in your closet. You might not choose to invest big dollars in an outfit you might rarely wear. You may not have the time to scour thrift shops for the perfect yellow trousers, raincoat or sweater.  And frankly, you just may not be brave enough to publicly wear such a bold shade. (A few years ago, I went out and bought a pair of loud pink corduroys because they were supposedly right on-trend. Do you know how many times I wore them? Once!) I understand all of it. There is a solution! Accessories! Bring them on.

So, this is definitely where Dunitz & Company with our fair trade jewelry makes the pitch.  One does not need to be brave to don a bold yellow necklace or pair of earrings. Our bright accents will add pizazz to any outfit and scream 'on-trend'. Be that gal. Go for it! Dunitz & Company's Joanie M fused glass collection is offering a wonderfully sunny combination for Spring 2019. (Check out the square pendant necklace pictured here.) Have a retail store? Log into our wholesale website to see all of the fused glass jewelry possibilities. We'll surely help your fashionista clients with yellow accents.

So you're style is a bit more Boho versus Classic? Dunitz & Company has you covered. We've been working with artisans in Guatemala that create the most spectacular beadwork since the early 1990s. And twice a year we create new color combinations that mesh with the clothing you'll find on store racks. We definitely did not miss out on 'yellow' for Spring 2019. A new seed bead combination we're crazy for combines golden-yellow with a softer celery green.  We think you'll love it.  It's a bit tamer than our Joanie M fused glass yellow.  Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings. Dunitz & Company's fair trade jewelry will spice up your warmer weather ensembles.

Glamour, Marie Claire and Pantone have declared "Yellow" as one of the biggest color trends for the upcoming season. Don't miss out on the fun. Dunitz & Company's fair trade jewelry offers so many yellow accents at affordable prices. If it's not our design, wear something from another designer. Forget about corduroys. (Note to Nancy) I say dazzle 'em with a new sunny pair of fair trade earrings! -ND