Monday, January 7, 2019

The Golden Globes & Necklaces Are Back!

I love necklaces. I love designing them for Dunitz & Company, and even better, I love selling them. Unfortunately the last few years our fair trade necklace sales have waned. Guess what? That's about to change.

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? I did. And I was thrilled to see many of the actresses sporting some large and flashy necklaces.  Of course they were all wearing over the top diamonds loaned from shops I'm afraid to enter. Just the same, for the last few seasons these starlets were more about earrings than necklaces.Were the girls wearing earrings? Sure, fabulous ones. But, many also brought out the necklaces. Lady Gaga topped the chart with a Tiffany & Co. necklace loaded with 100 carats and supposedly worth $5 million. (How many guards were protecting that?)

 Of course, I can't post photos of all the actresses showing off glitzy necklaces from last night. But a few more here prove my point. Michelle Yeoh (De Beers Necklace), Taraji P Henson (Roberto Coin Necklace) and Elisabeth Moss (Neil Lane) all chose to wear some "important" neck dangles.

Here's the thing. When celebrities start making fashion statements, in this case wearing necklaces, "the look" will trickle down. Yeah! This means necklaces are back in vogue. And it also means I can pitch one of my favorite styles knowing it's right on trend (again)! You know it ladies. Dunitz & Company's 'Coral Necklace' made of seed beads is the perfect and affordable adornment that you can dress up or dress down! And of course, we can easily pair them with some fabulous earrings and bracelets.

If you're familiar with Dunitz & Company's fair trade jewelry, you know we offer 12 on-trend colors in many designs each season. I'm prepared for Spring 2019. These samples shown here - are here just to tease you. Come on. You KNOW you want one. Happy New Year. -ND