Saturday, February 2, 2019

Say It With Fair Trade Hearts

Several Items from my 2019 Valentines List below are no longer available as of January 2020. I have removed the links where need be.  I promise to do an updated Heart Guide for 2020. -ND

What is love without hearts? As Valentine's Day is approaching, I thought it would be fun to discover fair trade gifts, shaped like hearts that are offered by Dunitz & Company and our Fair Trade Federation colleagues. Check out my eleven fun and affordable discoveries.

1. Soapstone Heart Box - Handmade in Kenya and offered by Fair Trade Winds. Traditional love-red, adorable and seriously affordable. $20.00 (no longer available.)

2. Felted Monkey with Heart in Hands - How could you pass up on this adorable little monkey handing out his heart? This adorable gift, made in Guatemala is offered by Mayan Hands. $10.00


3. Pink Crystal Heart Earrings - Yes, these cuties come from Dunitz & Company and are made with Czech glass beads in Guatemala.  Regularly $12.00. At the time of writing this, they're on sale for $9.60

4. Bicycle Chain Heart Hook - Perfect for your guy-pal. This rugged heart shaped offering comes from the Global Gifts website and is made by Mira Fair Trade. Both Fair Trade Federation members. $9.99 (no longer available)

5.Hammered Heart Bracelets - Eternal Threads is selling these good-looking bracelets. You can't lose. They were $25.00 and now their 50% off. And the purchase of these helps to support orphans and other vulnerable children in Swaziland. Now $12.50

6. Beaded Heart Earrings - If you visit the Dunitz & Company website you'll discover these beautifully crafted earrings in several colors. Prefer pink? You'll find them. They're made by artisans in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. $24.00

7. Heart Note Card - Say it with the written word. These beautiful handmade in Vietnam cards are offered by Fair Trade Winds and are designed by Quilling Card. Again both Fair Trade Federation members. $9.95

8. Heart Horn Earrings - Isn't it always fun to wear a little bit of turquoise with your horn? Your honey is sure to love these earrings from Wanderlust Jewelry. They're made by artisans in Peru. $9.00

9. Heart Mango Wood Pivot Box - Inspired by traditional Indian spice boxes, these hearts are sure to please. Offered by Zee Bee Market and designed by Matr Boomie, both Fair Trade Federation members. $28.00

10. Heart Treasure Bell Charm - And charming it is! What could be a prettier way to add some soft sounds to your environment? Available on the Global Gifts website. Designed by Matr Boomie. $35.00 (no longer available)

11. Hearts with Hearts Stones - Bright, fun and they say "Love". These small hearts are carved of Kisii Stone in Kenya and are offered by One World Fair Trade. Only $5.00 (no longer available)

So there you have it. It amazes me that so many people think fair trade gifts are expensive. After checking out this list, I'm sure you'll agree that not only are these offerings from Fair Trade Federation members fabulously adorable, they're seriously affordable. We hope you'll support Dunitz & Company and our fair trade colleagues this Valentine's Day and all year long. Your purchase definitely make a difference for people and planet. I can vouch for my fair trade colleagues. We all care deeply about the people we work with. -ND