Thursday, January 24, 2019

Is Dunitz Jewelry in Sync with Pantone?

Every year I create new color combinations for Dunitz fair trade jewelry well in advance of trade shows, shipping retailers and Pantone announcements about what colors will be the hottest. Once Pantone announces their palette everyone scrambles to see if their offerings are in sync with their projections. I'm certain Pantone color experts carefully watch the biggest runway shows, as most of us designers do, and from these, they make there selections. But somehow, once Pantone publishes their trend report we all squirm to show how we're on the pulse, their pulse. Trade magazines and consumer magazines all begin reporting on merchandise that is colored matched to Pantone's announcement. So how did Dunitz & Company stack up this season?

Living Coral. Yes, that's the big one! Pantone announced Living Coral, a pale orange - or a dark melon depending on how you see it for 2019's Color of the Year. I've always found that darker orange in jewelry are a tough sell. There are those that love it. The masses do not.  But, I agree with Pantone. There's something quite appealing about this color. And guess what? For our Joanie M fair trade fused glass, we're right on the money. My Color #130 is exactly as Pantone projects.

More often than not, with our fair trade jewelry, I mix a few colors to make our whole.  Living Coral with Sweet Lilac pink with a little extra for fun? Color #363 for beadwork tells that story. Don't you agree? Do you think our millennial customers will go for it? The stereotype is pink IS for millennials.

Darker Pink? Pantone "Pink Peacock " we've got you covered. We affectionately call this shade of pink, orchid.  And yes, I recognize orchids grow in all shades and colors. Combined with metallic silver this pairing makes for a strong and fun summer offering. When I was first working on this color combo, I had added a third color, a soft baby pink. Ya know what? That just wasn't as appealing.

 Yellow always scares me for jewelry. But somehow, I just knew that 2019 was the time to bring out some sunshine! Straight up. Yes. Our fused glass "Color #133" combines what Pantone calls Aspen Gold and Mango Mojito. Score. (I'm sure years ago I selected a Dunn Edwards paint designated Aspen Gold for my home. It's such a happy color.)

Pepper Stem. That's Pantone's lighter green choice for Spring 2019.  Not quite lime. Not quite army. Mixed with a pale golden-yellow (Aspen Gold?) makes for fun summer jewelry.

Blue. Princess Blue. Pantone's selection for blue this season reminds me of a Mediterranean Sea. And I'm all about that! And our customers also have always been about that. Frankly, it doesn't matter what the year is. This color is ALWAYS popular. I know you've heard me say this before. Blue sells. Any shade of blue.  But for now, let's get back to Pantone's Princess Blue. I love this deep shade and I've used similar in several fused glass color combos for Spring 2019.

Personally I adore wearing neutral colors. And Pantone's "Toffee" brown is just that. The thing though, is in Spring and Summer, we find our customer often prefer wearing jewelry adornments with a bit of color. Toffee, sure? How about with a bit of sea-foam and mint? I sometimes joke that it's a formula. Almost any shade of brown with almost any shade of blue wins.

So, how'd did Dunitz & Company fair with their fair trade jewelry colors this season? I'd say we did pretty darn well. You won't find every color Pantone announced for their 2019 lineup. Yes we're missing 'red'. That's a tough one for us. You however can be sure we'll be offering other shades of blue, purple and jade - all colors we know our customers love.  - ND