Monday, October 31, 2016

Adopt Don't Shop

It's Halloween.  And as I was browsing Facebook and Instagram I saw lots of costumes, decorated homes and store merchandise.  What I didn't yet see was a fun photo of a Dunitz mascot.  Jump into action: Stetson our fearless red doberman. That guy will let me do anything and he doesn't complain. (Then again on this day, the art of photoshop has allowed him to coast easy.)
Stetson was adopted about five years ago. We assume he's now around 7-1/2.  My prior dog (and mascot) was Byron, a cross between a Weimaraner and a Vizsla.  He was so awesome that when the time came after his passing, I looked to adopt a similar animal.  I found Stetson on Petfinder because he was listed as a Doberman/Vizsla cross. Turns out he is pure dobie. He is the easiest, calmest and friendliest dog ever.  He is an ambassador for the Doberman breed.  Since Stetson has become part of my pack, I've become much more involved and supportive of animal rescue. If you want a big dog, little dog, old dog, young dog, puppy, mutt or pure breed - you can find a great dog (and cats too) at shelters and rescues in your area.  Information is readily available online.  I adore Stetson so much, I adopted a second Doberman, Ida. She's now 3. (She didn't wear a pumpkin today ;0.) And she too, is a very good girl.  The lesson from my experience is "Adopt Don't Shop"! Why wouldn't you? - ND