Saturday, October 29, 2016

What sells?

Blue. Any shade or tint of blue. Call it anything blue. Navy. Newburyport Blue. Capri. Baby Blue. Sapphire. Whipple Blue. Buxton Blue. Ocean. Sea. Woodlawn Blue. Wedgewood Blue. Stratton Blue.  Covington Blue. Cobalt. Teal. Sky. Blue Horizon. Stream. Creek. River.
Change it up a bit and coordinate "Blue" with grey or brown. Any shade of grey. Any shade of brown.  Years of designing with color have taught me I will always sell more baubles of blue than any other color.
How not to sell blue? When exhibiting a collection, always have Orange :).  Orange sells blue! Yes, orange sells. There are those fashionistas that MUST have an accessory of orange.  I've learned the orange offerings always increase the sales of blue. - ND