Thursday, October 27, 2016

Challenge: Wholesale vs Retail client desires

So ShopDunitz launched a few days ago. And I'm thrilled because the site is absolutely beautiful. The feedback has been great. We've even received a few orders.  Not bad since we have our work cut out for us in terms of promoting the site. Not only will we have the challenge of promoting the site, but the challenge of offering designs our customers choose to purchase.
Years ago we used to stage an annual holiday sale.  Friends and family of mine and our staff would drop by the offices to pick up a few gifts. I was always surprised that in a "retail" situation, customers often chose completely different designs and colors than my "wholesale/store owners" did at trade shows.  I never figured out how that could be.  It was never unusual for our 'holiday sale' shoppers to select items I could not place in retail stores.
Step ahead many years.  ShopDunitz is loaded up with goodies. We've offered some of our best sellers (in retail stores) and some things we think are gorgeous and didn't sell well at the wholesale trade shows.  The site has it all!  We're absolutely NOT going to tell you which is which.  What I can say is in the first orders we've received online, we've sold both.
Punchline. You'll love our site.  You'll find items that under other circumstances would not make it to store shelves. And our history shows that this is definitely a good thing. -ND