Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Look Booking

Some of the most fun I've had lately is photographing our jewelry on models.  The line comes to life on the women I've hired to sport our newest styles.
I'm lucky. Because Dunitz & Company is based in Hollywood, CA, I encounter lots of actresses needing a bit of extra work.  I've met some adorable prospects at the dog park and eating at local restaurants. (Yes, many waitresses are also actresses. It's absolutely true.)

 I almost never leave my home or office without wearing a necklace or a bunch of Dunitz bracelets. It seems a bit brazen to ask this person or that person if she might consider modeling my line.  Of course I tell them about our commitment to fair trade principles. And - I show off whatever I'm wearing.  If you're too shy to do this, there's always Craiglist. -ND