Thursday, August 17, 2017

Featuring Dunitz > In Trade Show Press

I'm always excited when Dunitz fair trade jewelry shows up in 'Trade Show Press'.  That means that buyers and those receiving materials inviting them to any given 'to the trade' show will see a preview of our artisan made jewelry. Often buyers reach out to us because of these publications. (Their distribution lists are always larger than actual attendees.) We submit photos of our beaded and fused glass jewelry for consideration and pray trade shows use them. It is never guaranteed. This is why we're always wearing big smiles when our jewelry is featured in trade show publications. These publications aren't traditional "Trade Press". (In our industry that would be reserved for magazines such as Gift Shop, Giftware News, Smart Retailer, Handmade Business, Gifts & Dec, Museums & More among others.) And this is why we've never posted these printed highlights permanently in our website Press sections.  We do however share and boast about them on social media. Here are a few nods we managed this season. To the right our Denim Frida Necklace was a featured highlight for Las Vegas Market's nod to Handmade. See our necklace in the circle on Page #85. Yup that was a very thick book! (A little birdie tells us these Frida Necklaces might be featured for holiday in an on-the-newstand sort of publication.  Stay tuned. We don't know for sure. If they are, we'll let all of our retailers know. And, fashionistas will be able to find them directly from us as well.)

When we arrived at Las Vegas Market, they were handing out a smaller pamphlet called "First Look". This booklet clearly showed off Las Vegas Market staff designer's favorites and products they felt best illustrated current trends. Dunitz & Company made the cover! We were completely stoked when we discovered this. Have a store? We ship these Denim Frida Necklaces in several colors. This season we've even introduced a more Monochromatic version.

Las Vegas Market is great about email blasts and posting on their website.  Our new Joanie M Wide Suede and Glass Snap Cuffs also were mentioned on their website. These fair trade bracelets are already a new favorite in our collection.

California Marketplace (once known as the Los Angeles Gift Show) also produces a show preview each season. Available both in print and online, Dunitz & Company was featured twice this summer. What a coup! At least we thought so. To the right, you can see our Joanie M fused glass fair trade bracelets. We call these our Skinny Suede & Glass Bracelets. Are you a retailer that sells our line? Follow the link and order some for your shop! And if you're not a current customer of ours, now might be the perfect time to jump on board.

On another page of the California Marketplace preview our Embroidered Slap Cuffs were pictured. Yup, slap 'em on, if you must. And they will fit anyone.  No clasp needed.

 We've been lucky to have received lots and lots of visibility in 'trade show press' over the years. Tonight we're flying to New York to set up our NY Now booth for the upcoming market. Perhaps we'll be surprised and find some Dunitz fair trade jewelry in their press pages. Sure hope so!

If you are a wholesaler reading my blog, follow our lead. Send photos of your work to the press contacts at the trade shows you attend.  If they don't have your images, there's no chance of being included. -ND