Saturday, August 26, 2017

Community at Javits - The Solar Eclipse

We were all at NY Now - exhibitors and buyers. Many of us were captive in our booths at the Javits Center. (Yup, we were there exhibiting our fair trade jewelry.) Our booth is located in the River Pavilion, near the back where the ceiling is all glass. Glass with lots of metal supports.  We could see up to the sky. And what we saw was mostly clouds. From time to time the clouds would part and reveal the sun. Or the partial sun blocked by the moon. One thing is certain. For a short time, ours was a community of buyers and sellers most interested in what was going on in the sky above.  One customer of ours, Susan from Amistad had a pair of the much sought after safety glasses. And she was kind enough to share them with me, Elissa (our sales help) and our neighbors at Asian Eye. We were a bunch of cackling girls trying to catch snippets of the changing sun. And we did. Via cell phone, this was our view.

One place I've never been (but I've always wanted to experience) is the Javits roof.  Access is down a long hallway past the large bathrooms (near the Dunitz & Company booth) and through a double door to what I believe are building storage areas. A large group was escorted to this special place, mostly Javits employees with appropriate employee badges.  Evidently a few others were invited. I know this because our friend Ben from Fair Trade Winds is seen in this photo...on the roof. Lucky Dog. What a view, right?

And most crowded into the streets. You can only imagine how many people rushed outside of Javits to see what they might see. From our booth we have an open view to the sky. But most in the larger halls downstairs do not. I found these photos online - & there were tons of folks outside. Laughing. Smiling. Sharing Glasses. We are a community!

I'll always remember this day and the excitement we all shared. Where were you for the solar eclipse? - ND