Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Fair Trade Judaica - New Kippot Designs

Our fair trade Judaica collection has always been a labor of love. And our artisan-made kippot have always been dear to our heart.  Most of our yarmulkes are designed to accommodate the women that wear them. Some of our designs are suitable for men. One of our favorite customers and advisors (regarding this part of our line) is Ilana Schatz from Fair Trade Judaica. She attends countless seminars where she often sells an assortment of Judaica products, our fair trade kippot among them. She always tells us ours are a customer favorite. She also always provides us with valuable feedback.  Recently she told me that some of her customers were looking for more neutral colored kippot suitable for more somber occasions. And of course, that got me thinking.  I knew it was time to introduce new designs in new colors.
Our embroidered kippot featuring embroidered flowers and leaves, with beaded accents have always been some of our best sellers.  It seemed fitting to add on to this part of our fair trade Judaica collection. Debuting at NY Now, we introduced our yarmulkes in several neutral color combinations including black, grey, charcoal, almond and an ecru-type beige. If you log into Dunitz & Company's wholesale website, you'll discover information and photos on all of our fair trade kippot designs.

Our new kippot were juried in for a special 'destination: new' display at the New York trade show and one of our designs was a candidate for 'best new product introduction'. We didn't win. We did however, sell lots of these new designs to appropriate gift shops. I'd say that makes us a winner :)!

While at the show, two Fair Trade Judaica board members stopped in at our booth. I enjoyed meeting Betsy and Regie and showing them our latest designs. We even posed for the perfect photo. (How is it I'm the tallest girl in this pic? I wasn't wearing heels and I'm only 5'6" - just saying.) Of course, they enjoyed checking out our entire fair trade jewelry collection including our designs that can be made with world coins or old Israeli coins.

Are you a buyer for a synagogue or temple gift shop? Do you choose to wear a kippa? Do you know a young woman needing a kippa for her bat mitsvah? If you said yes to any of these, you must know about Dunitz & Company's fair trade Judaica collection. Please check us out on our wholesale and retail sites. You'll be glad you did. -ND