Saturday, February 11, 2017

Proudly Wearing Dunitz Fair Trade Jewelry

I just returned from the New York gift show, NY Now. Meeting with our retail buyers is one thing I enjoy most about my business. I love my visits with our customers and I love showing them all of our new designs and colors each season.  One thing I get a total kick out of is when my clients appear in our trade show booth wearing Dunitz & Company jewelry designs from season's past.  This winter was no exception. For me, it's a treasure hunt. My clients never point out that they are wearing Dunitz & Company fair trade jewelry. It's up to me to notice. Annette was wearing our Leather Teardrop Earrings.  Mary was wearing our Paisley Earrings. Emily showed up with a big smile and our Flower Power embroidered earrings. Dinny always wears our finger rings. Debbie showed off our World Coin Bracelet. And Rachel was spotted with our fair trade Joanie M Fused Glass Rectangle Earrings. I'd say that was a lot of discovery this season. Want to see more? If you are a retailer, please check our our wholesale catalog.  Looking for you? Our websites have a great store locator.  You can also visit our retail website.  Next time I see you, I want to see you decked out in Dunitz fair trade jewelry. -ND