Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love is In the Air

And we also hope you'll put some Dunitz fair trade jewelry love on your ears too! Or maybe on your sweetheart's ears?  I was watching my facebook and Instagram feeds today. You know what I saw?  You guessed it. Lots of photos of hearts, candy and flowers. And then I thought Dunitz & Company also offers beautiful handmade heart earrings for sale in a host of pink and fashionable colors.  Our small pink and red Valentine Earrings (shown in the photo to the right) were inspired by some Japanese beadwork we spotted several years ago. They seem a little bit like origami, don't you think?  The Striped Heart Earrings would be a fashionable add-on to any outfit all year long. They're available in lots of colors. So please take the time to visit and Shop Dunitz. You'll be glad you did. -ND