Monday, February 27, 2017

Oscars & Earrings

I knew it was going to be an exciting evening as I pulled out of my driveway and headed to my annual "Academy Awards" party located in the San Fernando Valley.  First I needed to battle all of the stretch limos that use the Hollywood Bowl parking lot as their stomping ground while the biggest celebration in town is a short distance away at the Dolby theater at Hollywood & Highland.  I'd only seen two of the nominated films this year. But for me it's all about the fashion. I'm always drooling over the many gowns worn by Hollywood's most famous starlets.  This year was no exception.
More than anything, I watch for the jewelry worn by those participating in the awards ceremony.  I realize that most will be wearing diamonds and precious gems on loan from famous jewelers.  So from a Dunitz & Company perspective, I'm not really looking at the materials - but the shapes and sizes of baubles donned by Hollywood's elite. I was pleased to see chokers and lots of bracelets. Most notably, I was thrilled to see several A-listers showing off "big" earrings!  Out in the 'real world', many of our customers have been going smaller and smaller in the looks they're willing to wear. We're hopeful that Oscar sets a trend - one where earrings worn by many will grow in size.  In the photo here, left to right, you can see Charlize Theron, Selma Hayek, Emma Stone and Nicole Kidman all wearing significant ear decorations. Hooray for Hollywood. We suggest you now shop dunitz and find yourself a pair of larger fun earrings.  Follow the trend. - ND