Friday, November 11, 2016

Respect Thy Neighbor

We each have a voice.  Let's try and use it for love. We each can make daily decisions that make small positive differences.  Smile more. Be interested. Pay it forward. Help a neighbor in trouble. Show respect. Be tolerant. Be more open to the views of others. Live and let live. Let kindness prevail.  I have always found that when I do something nice for someone, it makes me feel better. 
I have been operating a fair trade business for many years.  My focus has been to make sure the artisans I work with (in Guatemala) are treated with respect, earn living wages and continue to have opportunity that will support them. I've worked diligently to accomplish this. And it has always given me joy and satisfaction.
I try to live by the Golden Rule.  It's a way of life. Now (as is any time, really) is the perfect time to reflect on how we treat others and how we hope they will treat us.
After the Brexit vote in England, many people began wearing safety pins to show solidarity with immigrants and refugees. Those frightened by the changes could know that a person wearing a safety pin was on their side. A similar movement has now started in the USA. By wearing safety pins we can let our sisters and brothers know we accept them for who they are. We embrace love and reject hate. I do. -ND