Friday, November 25, 2022

My Choices for this Fair Trade Holiday Season - Edibles & Consumables

I love receiving gifts. After living so many years (oy!) I have so much stuff.  What does that mean? My favorite gifts are edibles and consumables. Here are some fantastic gifts for Holiday 2023 that are just that. My choices support fair trade and many of my Fair Trade Federation colleagues.

Dean's Beans for Coffee
: My choice of course comes from Guatemala where Dunitz & Company has worked with artisans since 1989.  Not only do I adore Guatemalan coffee, my choice is always medium roast. Enjoy a good cup of coffee and know workers were treated fairly. 1lb for $14.89

Ten Thousand Villages Rose Soap
: A repeat performance on this one! I bought several types of TTV soaps from Global Gifts Fair Trade a couple of years ago for gifts for Mr. Postman, Mr. DHL, Mr. Fedex and a bunch of other friends. I have a few friends still talking about the Rose Soap and how much they loved the smell. How could I not put this on the list for 2023? One Bar, $5.99. 


African Bronze Honey: I eat a lot of honey. I love honey. Typically I buy local at the Hollywood Farmer's Market on Sundays.  I've been eying my Fair Trade Federation colleague's honey for a long time. Maybe you want to treat me to a jar? A 12.35oz jar of their Organic Wild Honeydew Forest Honey is $15.50 - it might be gone in one week!

Quinoa Cookies: I love cookies. I love baking cookies. And I love eating cookies. When I learned that my FTF Colleague, Andean Dreams offers cookies, you know this had to go on my holiday list. I'm not vegan or gluten intolerant, but their cookies are perfect for those that are. Wanna surprise me with their Quinoa Cookies Variety Pack? I'm sure you have friends that would love these. $18.99

Rumi Olive Oil: From Canaan Palestine Fair Trade. This small business works with farmer to bring us fair trade oil and other yummy edibles that I know you will enjoy eating. Whether you like to cook or prefer do drench your bread in tasty olive oil, this might be the perfect gift for you. Or yes, give it to the cook in your life. It's on my list. A 500ml bottle is $35.00 

Chocolate Bar Collection: Equal Exchange is known for their chocolate. In my book, the darker the better. They're offering this assortment this season which would definitely please me. That means it will please a lot of your friends and family members who have a sweet tooth. Since I'm nuts about coconut, I can't wait to dig my chops into the Coconut Milk variety. That's if someone sends me some! $30.00

Cardamon & Clove Candle: Our FTF retail partner and colleague, Humankind offers an amazing collection of candles that come from Bright Endeavors, a Chicago based social enterprise that trains and helps young mothers facing economic hardship in the inner-city. These women make wonderful scented and soy candles. My choice is the Cardamon & Clove. Burning at home, the exotic smells remind me of my travels to Asia. A 4oz candle will last 20 hours and is only $15.00


Umzimbubu Chili Ginger Pepper: ships from Latitudes Fair Trade and is made by Serv. I confess, this one is probably not perfect for me, and better suited for the cooks in your circles. I used be cook a lot and was quite good at it. In recent years I really haven't spent much time with a stove top or over.  When I look at the collection of spices Latitudes offers, it certainly inspires me to bring out the pots and pans.  One bottle of spices is only $7.75 which means a few together would make an amazing presentation.

There you have it! If these gift suggestions work for me, you know they work for lots of other. When you support fair trade you really are making a positive difference in the lives of producers and supporters. Dunitz & Company (that's me) certainly knows that first hand. Happy Holidays! -ND