Thursday, October 27, 2022

Nancy Draws. Nancy Shows off Fair Trade Jewelry.

I keep drawing. It's been so fun for me to create portraits and then add Dunitz fair trade jewelry to the mix. The truth is, these drawings have provided many posts for our Instagram. And Facebook too. It's fun for me to see all these images in one place. So, here we go. This blog post share some new ones from the last several months, in no particular order :). See something you have to have for your own ears or wrist? Or a style you want to offer your customers in your store?  I'm here to help. -ND

I often draw models from magazine ads

Men often wear our small stud earrings

Self Portrait. And I don't have pierced ears.

It seems people like portraits in sunglasses!

It's been fun drawing people wearing hats

I really like this drawing!

I can't get enough of this smile

Did I capture that stretch?