Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Why Pantone Colors Ultimate Gray & Illuminating Don't Work for Me

A Big No - Ultimate Gray & Illumnating
When it comes to colors for the Dunitz & Company's fair trade jewelry collection, I have strong opinions. I've been designing for so many years, and I just know that Patone's Colors of the Year, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (a bold shade of yellow) absolutely do not work for our jewelry collection. Perhaps people feel gray after a year in quarantine. It doesn't mean they want to wear their mood. And bright yellow has been described as a hopeful color; a ray of sunshine. I'm afraid that most skin tones are just not suited for yellow. And together? No. No. No. I don't think this is a winning combination at all for fashion jewelry. I'm not even going to try and convince you that I was prepared for this trend and can pitch items in our collection that hit the mark. In years past when clothing designers were high on yellow, I jumped on their bandwagon. Guess what? For us, bright yellow has always been a flop. Gray on the other hand combined with lavender or sea foam is often a huge win. But never with yellow. [Note to reader. I made a conscious choice not to share yellow disasters from Dunitz & Company's past seasons.]

So, let's talk a little bit about yellow and gray! (My instinct is to spell that grey. Both are correct. Just saying. Since Pantone uses the "a", for this post I'll stick to it.) In fact, I'll actually address each, as it applies to Dunitz & Company's Spring 2021 offerings. 

Dunitz & Company Fair Trade Earrings
Pale Gold & Mint Teardrops
Brash Illuminating Yellow. Never. However, creamy egg-shell yellow, gold, pale yellow, light amber... there are variations that definitely work. And for Spring 2021, Dunitz & Company offers this pale golden yellow with mint color combination. We hope you'll like it. I think our necklaces, bracelets and earrings in these colors will be a terrific addition for a beachy Boho vibe outfit. And folks, this is all you get from Dunitz for the upcoming season in "yellow."

One more important note about me, I want my readers to know. I adore bright yellow. Just not typically for fashion jewelry. You should know that I had my house painted yellow and have stuck with this same Aspen Yellow from Dunn Edwards for well over 20 years. When the sun shines directly on the house, it appears quite lively. And for conversation purposes, I always choose a photo that includes our Doberman mascot, Stetson!.

Dunitz Silver and Purple Triangle Earrings
Gray & Lavender Earrings
Back to Jewelry... Gray? Yes, but never solo. And definitely not with yellow.  This season in fair trade beadwork, we're pairing gray with silver and lavender. With a hint of purple, we want you to think about Spring flowers. And shades of purple are always so magical. I want you to think about unicorns, not drab concrete or an old comfie worn out blanket. I didn't just come up with that. I read an Art News article that mentioned the blanket.
Dunitz Fair Trade Glass Earrings
Gray Glass Earrings
I'm using gray in three color combinations for our Joanie M glass jewelry collection for Spring. One combines gray with a snowy white and a hint of "classic blue" AKA Pantone's 2020 color of the year.   Another pairs gray with sapphire blue and a splash of silver. And finally for a bit more vibrancy, I've matched up gray with some aqua and pale emerald.
Here's one more the thing. All of my design work and color planning for Spring 2021 was completed before Pantone announced their Colors of the Year this past December. I stick with my choices for our fair trade jewelry collection. I'm not experiencing even a tad of trepidation for not having a Ultimate Gray & Illuminating color combination. -ND