Thursday, December 26, 2019

Hooray for Classic Blue - 2020 Color of the Year

You've heard me time and time again say that blue has always been Dunitz & Company's best selling color. And dark deep ocean blue (aka Classic) has always been right up top. What was Pantone waiting for? I've been designing and offering fashion jewelry since 1990, and it's only this year that "Classic Blue" has been named "Color of the Year?"  I think it should be crowned Color of the Decade! Or perhaps the Century.

The fashion mags are already having a field day showing off how you can wear blue all year long. Did Pantone not know that we've already been wearing deep shades of blue all year long, every year? We didn't need prompting. My guess is, is instead of anointing colors like Living Coral (2019) or Ultra Violet (2018), they'd choose a color that was safe and stable for people during these somewhat turbulent times.You can interpret what I mean by turbulent. But, heck, Classic Blue is like eating meatloaf, it's comfort food all the way.

Vogue magazine editors jumped on the bandwagon quickly. It was the first post I read featuring clothing from the Spring 2020 runway shows featuring shades of classic blue. Of course, all of the well known designers had created their offerings long before Pantone announced their queen color. Like me, the likes of Gucci, Marni and Marc Jacobs always know the masses love dark rich shades of blue.

So, now I get to act really smart. Dunitz & Company will have lots of classic blue for Spring 2020. Our newest colors will launch next month at the wholesale gift shows. Dunitz will debut our latest designs in all of our new colors at the LA Mart Temporaries and NY NOW.  But here are a few advance teasers for you all.

Our glass jewelry is always a crowd-pleaser. And I proudly state that these wonderful color combinations that include peaceful, safe and comforting blue, were all created long before Pantone's announcement. Gosh we're smart!

Are you a fan of Dunitz & Company's beaded jewelry? I'm guessing you might be since you're reading our blog, and we've been offering seed bead jewelry for almost 3 decades. Yikes. Yes, THREE decades. Dunitz will offer several new color combos with the flair of blue. These two show off a dash of classic. Smirk. Smirk.

Can I stretch the story further? How about paintings for the millennium that sing of classic blue? The most famous paintings of all time for your ears. The Wave & Starry Night. These are some of our best sellers. For that reason, I'll take any opportunity to put them smack dab in front of your face. Perfect for museum shops, hipster boutiques and your ears!

So there you have it. Hip Hip Hooray for Classic Blue.  Dunitz & Company is all about this rich, safe, homey, comfortable color we just want to wrap our arms around.  Find it in a store near you this season. And of course, we hope your choice will be our fair trade jewelry! -ND