Thursday, March 15, 2018

Small & Affordable: A Winning Combination

Times have changed. And what we sell the most of has changed with the times. When retail buyers visit our fair trade jewelry trade show booth, they always ask "what is your best seller?"  And in recent times, I say "the designs we can wholesale for under $10.00 or a retail store can sell for under $25.00, $20,00 even better!" The response is always a chuckle and "ain't that the truth."  It's as if our customers already know the answer. In the old days, I could design exquisite cuffs that wholesaled for $32.50 (estimated retail price $85.00) and I'd write orders for them all day long. Honestly, those days have sailed. It isn't that we don't sell some amazing larger pieces. But, it is the small and affordable that pay the bills.

Thankfully, I've been able to successfully focus and design some fabulous smaller fair trade earrings.  I've learned low costs are of paramount importance. Recent trends also indicate many women more often choose to wear smaller earrings. Small and affordable; it is the winning combination. If you're familiar with our collection, you've probably ordered some of Dunitz & Company's smaller earrings. Have you ordered our Dream Net Earrings?  These delicate cuties, available in 12 colors were well received this season.

Some of our most popular, our small wire and beaded teardrops have been in our line-up foooooor-ever! At least it seem like that. And each season we show them in 12 new color ways for our wholesale customers. (We create new color combinations each season to follow fashion trends.) Looking for you? Don't worry. Look for a retailer near you on our shop locator.  No store near you? We offer some very pretty color options of these teardrops on our retail site. Sweet spot pricing, too.

Our Joanie M fused glass earrings also tend to be smaller.  And yes, they too are very affordable. When I first introduced this collection in 2011, I designed some larger styles. Some designs even had two components. We knew almost immediately that larger was not better. The cost was never that far off. It was confirmed that "small" was the winner.  When I share this information, there are naysayers that suggest it is because glass is heavy and our larger sizes might be uncomfortable.  Those that choose to wear the mightier designs, have confirmed this not to be the case.The truth is, as I mentioned before, lots of women prefer smaller earrings.

So, there you go. I just had to say it. Small & Affordable. That turns out to be our winning combination for our fair trade jewelry and specifically our fair trade earrings. Be sure to check out our wholesale and retail sites to see ALL of your options. -ND