Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Black & White, A Fashion Classic

Yin and Yang. Up and Down. Right and Left. East and West. One never exists without the other. Black & White. A Fashion Classic. And for a jewelry designer (I'm talking about me,) who is typically 'all about color', for Dunitz & Company's Spring 2018 collection, I'm most excited about this classic.  What ever has gotten into me?

When studying all the runway shows in preparation for designing for Spring 2018, I was glued to all of the Black & White.  Was there more than usual? Or was I just honing in on it.  The best of the best, all are offering spectacular clothing in black & white.  Seen here are super outfits from Carolina Herrera, Jill Stuart and Nicole Miller. And Miller always works in bright colors. What's up?

Yes, you'll see lots of color this season from Dunitz & Company. But guess what? I'm so stoked about our Black & White fair trade jewelry this season.  The photo to the right is a teaser of what's coming from our Joanie M fused glass collection.  The black is strong. And it's coupled with metallic silver. It really shouts that classic story of.... black & white. Our fused glass pieces will be deliciously handsome coupled with what so many folks call their safety net, black.

And for our bead-work, I paired jet black with crystal and silver.  It definitely feels black & white and will adorn any black...or white....or black & white clothing perfectly. By using crystal and silver, the pieces won't feel so harsh. Dunitz & Company's beaded designs will boast a contemporary essence. Hey, modern museum shop buyers! We're a must for Spring 2018. Hint. Hint.

As Karl Lagerfeld once said, "black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means. Whether it's a white dress with black accessories, or a white  blouse paired with this season's must-have noir trouser or graphic stripes, it's hard to mess up this timeless color combination." 

I think it's the perfect time to dress you and your customers up with our black & white fair trade pretties. Black & White. A Fashion Classic. - ND