Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Did Blake Lively Inspire You to Buy That?

I read a lot of magazines. Mostly fashion magazines. And what I notice more often than ever is famous and beautiful actresses selling everything. They're now earning huge contracts to hawk just about everything. And when they're not being paid (and dressed) to promote makeup and water, they've been hired to doll up for fashion spreads in InStyle, Elle, Vogue and every other hipster rag. Just today I received an 148 page 'Bare Issue' from Glamour. What did I find? Blake selling Loreal. Alyssa pitching Atkins. Lupita with Lancome. Sofia downscale with head & shoulders. Priyanka modeling with Pantene. Kristin Bell selling watches and Jennifer with her smartwater. Obviously these multi-million$ companies are banking on these beauties to convince us all to use a different shampoo or purchase a different breakfast bar.

We've taken to Instagram Stories to ask our followers if they've been moved by these famous spokespeople. Does Blake influence your purchases? Will Sofia actually convince you to soap up with something different than what you've been using?  Do these gorgeous women influence your personal style? (Perhaps you should follow us on Instagram to check out our saucy comments?) I guess I'm a little jealous. I sure wish at least one of these stunning women would be inspiring 1000s to support fair trade and wear Dunitz & Company jewelry.  We've directed tweets to influential actresses. We've commented on some of their Instagram posts. No, we're not stalkers. We do get an A for effort.  We cannot afford huge advertising contracts. So, for now, in my dreams, Blake is sporting a pair of Dunitz beaded teardrops. -ND