Saturday, May 13, 2017

Dunitz Fair Trade - Blog Name Change

We've given our blog a new identity. Always part of the "blogger" family, our blog is now hosted at Our old address has been merged into the new URL. [If you go there, it will redirect to our new URL. Don't worry. You won't miss a thing!]  When you visit our blog, you will see links at the top that will redirect you back to (our wholesale site) and/or (our retail site.) Our blog covers many topics that relate to all different kinds of customers and people. We didn't want to pigeonhole it as a wholesale blog or a retail blog. And it is connected to both of our sites. Snagging the domain seemed to make a lot of sense for us. Why? Read on.

Dunitz & Company has been selling fashion-forward jewelry since the early 90s.  When we first introduced our collections back then, retail store buyers bought our line because it was beautiful, hip and well made. They'd never seen beadwork anything like what we were offering. We went the extra mile to differentiate ourselves from "cheap imports." Our trade show booth  and collateral materials always had a higher-end and fashionable look. Of course, then as now, many shops wanted to purchase the lowest priced goods they could find. Luckily for us, there were many interested in our well-designed pieces. And for years, this is what catapulted our sales.

In recent times, discriminating buyers have been increasingly interested in making purchases from companies they perceive as ethical. For many years as awareness increased about fair trade, I believe retail store buyers bought from us first, because our line was so attractive and second, if given a choice between a vendor that had (ethical) credentials or not, they'd opt for us, because we had them. (Dunitz & Company is a vetted member of Fair Trade Federation and a gold-certified Green America business.)  And now, in the current wholesale/retail environment, I actually think customers seek us out because they know we're a "fair trade" business. They don't even consider our beautiful jewelry line until after they've screened us for our business practices. It is for this reason, I decided our blog should include the words "fair trade". We want anyone reading our blog to know at the get-go that we have a fair trade jewelry company. -ND