Monday, February 22, 2016

We Have That Look

I read what seems like zillions of fashion magazines.  I watch the fashionistas on Instagram. Trust me, I'm on top of the fashion pages in print and online.  So often I see something and think "We have that look."  And then the thought disappears. It dawned on my this week that I SHOULD be make the comparisons for our customers.  So, here is a new beginning.
While browsing Instagram this weekend, I noticed that Alexa Chung , actress, model and Vogue editor donned a huge flower on her blazer at London Fashion Week. Voila. Dunitz has that look in all sorts of colors with our jumbo #fairtrade Peruvian flowers (SKU: JO-P5).  We're on trend with this!
On Sunday, it was hard to miss a story highlighting various earrings in the Image section of the Los Angeles Times.  Staring back at me were beaded & wire earrings from Thai importer, Nakomol.  The article mentioned that their earrings are selling at Neiman Marcus.  You betcha. Dunitz has the look. We're showing ours (SKU: ARW82) in twelve different colors this season. I already knew they were winners. This just confirms the look is right on the mark. - ND