Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What Small Contribution Can You Make for World Fair Trade Day?

World Fair Trade Day is coming up on May 10th.  Since Dunitz & Company is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, it only seemed appropriate to blog about the event.  On this day, people around the world will celebrate the impact of fair trade relationships. If you are a supporter of fair trade, you’ve probably read a zillion articles about fair trade. You’ve reviewed the nine principles set out by the Fair Trade Federation.  And YOU know what fair trade is about. You know fair trade is all about supporting livelihood, safety and well-being of farmers, craftspeople and artisans.

This left me in a conundrum about what I could say that might have some impact.  The light bulb went off when I was walking Stetson, the mascot earlier.  I thought, why not make a list of things any person could do, however small, that might make a difference in lives . And  by all means, let me know anything we should add to the list.  I’m only starting it.  Please chime in.  I think the main thing is how can we, backers of fair trade –promote education.

      1.  Buy a can of Fair Trade Coffee. Share a cup with a friend of neighbor and tell them why you purchased fair trade.
      2.  Drag a friend to a Fair Trade Store and of course tell them why you did it.  Can’t get them to move? Give them a tour of Fair Trade Federation member websites. 
      3.  Visit any store and show off the hat, bag or jewelry you are wearing  that is fair trade. Tell the owner why they need to sell what you are wearing.
      4.   Search #fairtrade on Twitter and start re-tweeting things of interest. All you need is for one person to stop and read! The smallest activity can make a huge impact.

5    5.   Share something about #fairtrade on your Facebook page. Don't forget the hastag! Help #fairtrade trend!
      6.  Share something about #fairtrade on Instagram. 
      7.   Drum beating is becoming an event associated with World Fair Trade Day celebration. Make some noise. Get others involved and tell them why  they’re making noise.

8    8.  Bake something with fair trade ingredients. Google for a new recipe! Share some of your culinary masterpiece and tell your tasters why you chose fair trade. Heck, after that tweet and share your new recipe.

9    9.  Buy, eat & share a bar of fair trade chocolate. You’ll taste the difference and feel good about it. 
      10. Watch a documentary such as “The DarkSide of Chocolate” or some other educational feature with themes including poverty, climate change and other environmental issues. 

Please share with me your #11, #12 etc. - ND