Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thinking in Color

I've been building my collection for so many years, twice a year.  I can be sitting at my desk in Los Angeles and visualize all of the beads and components in our Guatemala workshop!  OK - I have lots of jewelry in the office too.  This helps when I want to see how one bead looks with another.  Sometimes the opaque beads look just a bit too heavy with the transparent ones. 
In order to create my colors for any given season, I carefully watch the ready-to-wear fashion shows.  This starts with the NY runway shows...& then Paris, London and Milan.  I study the trends.  Taking a few trends on, I do my best to match beads with outfits that tell the various stories.  Here are some color stories that will evolve into a Fall 2014 beaded collection.  We'll also use these color stories to create our fused glass colors for the upcoming season. I can't give away all of my secrets. But for now, let's say it is fun to share these. -ND