Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Wholesale Deals - Close Out Finds from Dunitz & Company

Snatched Right Up!    
It's hard to believe I launched Dunitz & Company in 1989. As a wholesaler, I've introduced countless collections in countless color combinations. I presented my retail partners with new designs in new colors twice a year at lots of trade shows. There were years where I exhibited at 16 show. (My friends said my dogs split time as if they were from a divorced family. Half time with me. Half time at the vet hospital where I boarded them.) Honestly, the one blessing that came out of  Covid for me is I've figured out how to survive without traveling to trade shows. 



Sold within 5 minutes
And so I diverge. One thing that happens when you design lots of new things is you accumulate inventory. Over the years I learned that retailers HAD to see entirely new things every six months or they lost interest in my line. Translation? I have bins filled will all sorts of beautiful things in many price points and in a wide variety of styles. Sometimes a bin has 2 or 3 items. Sometimes it has 50 or more.





Sold right away!
Are you a retailer? Have a store? Then you're reading the perfect blog post. I started a new Facebook Group attached to the Dunitz & Company Facebook page (Meta, yes, I know) where I'm now offering older Dunitz designs at crazy good prices.  The offerings are always for less than I paid the artisans. That means there's lots of room for retailers to make incredible profit.  And for me, I'm happy to sell these things for something. That's much better than having it sit here on shelves.  As of typing this blog post, the group has about 50 members. Come join us. I know what I'm offering is good stuff because I'd estimate that more than 85% of what I've posted has sold. On some days I've posted three times. I haven't made a dent. I'll have things to offer for a long long time.

If you're a retailer, don't be shy.  Come find your wholesale deals in our Facebook Group. -ND