Monday, March 7, 2022

My Favorite Designs I Wear from Dunitz Fair Trade Jewelry

Some of you know I've been collaborating with artisans in Guatemala since 1989. Dunitz & Company has been around the block. The other thing you may not know about me is I don't have pierced ears. I've gotten lots of flack about that from everyone. You betcha. Knowing that, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite designs I enjoy wearing (not in any particular order) from my fair trade jewelry collection when I'm not actually working.


Glass Bib Necklace
When I dress up a bit, I love wearing our Glass Bib Necklace. It's a classic look that you can wear short or long. And it isn't heavy at all. 








Embroidered Rings
We sell a lot of rings to stores all around the US. Since they're not sized, it's impossible to retail them online. You can often find me wearing one our Daisy Denim Rings. These are embroidered on upcycled/recycled denim. We find old jeans at the local markets, wash them well and then cut them up to create jewelry.





Denim Floral Bracelet
I can't hide it. I'm nuts for our embroidered flowers. You'll often find me wearing one of our Denim Floral Bracelets. We also offer this design embroidered on traditional corte fabric. Want to see more? Watch this video we prepared with artisans making these gorgeous pieces.

Suede & Glass Cuff
When you don't wear earrings, you MUST wear a lot of bracelets. I've always been a bracelet gal. Our wide suede and Fused Glass Cuff is also a favorite of mine. I like it because it's handsome and not so girly.




World Coin Bracelet
Several years ago I designed a complete collection of jewelry using retired world coins. It was a huge success and it still sells today. I think the World Coin Bracelet on my dresser has coins from France, Mexico and Thailand. I even wore it to my niece's bridal shower recently. These bracelets jazz up all sorts of outfits. 

Vintage Button Bracelet
I can be a bit predictable. I love vintage. It absolutely makes sense that you also might catch me wearing one of our beaded designs that use vintage buttons.  And since I often wear black and earth tones, you'll find me wearing a Vintage Button Bracelet in dark earthy colors. 




Stacking Bracelets
Finally, you'll find me stacking some of our most inexpensive bracelets on my wrist every day. Our Beaded Skinnies come in so many colors; solid, color blocked and with a radial pattern. We have little Square Bead & Crystal Bracelets which are so fun to pair with them.




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Take a closer look at  my favorite things. I'm guessing something I love from the Dunitz fair trade jewelry collection will make you or your loved one happy. Yes, I know. You wear earrings and I do not. You'll find lots of amazing fair trade earrings from us too.-ND