Friday, February 26, 2021

Product Photography - Learning By Example

Dunitz Glass Earrings

I'm always thinking about how I can create enticing photography for Dunitz & Company's fair trade jewelry website and social feeds. I've mastered the "jewelry on white background" images. These are the types of images needed for 'clean' website viewing and required by most trade magazines for publication. How do I do it? With a light box and Photoshop. Here's the Photoshop trick I use, assuming you use this software. Image > Adjustment > Levels --- adjust & there you go.  I know others use various phone apps to manage the white backgrounds. For me, Photoshop is what works. But what about all those other sexy pics I see on Instagram? I think I do an admirable job with the Dunitz & Company photography. I also know that I can always do better.  Watching other photo feeds sometimes make for the best teachers. Here are a few Instagram accounts worth following. Perhaps they'll have a thing or two to teach you. And honestly, you may fall in love with their products too. Why not? 


Lucuma Designs

Lucuma Designs is a Fair Trade Federation colleague of ours. They work with artisans in Peru and their Instagram feed is yummy. I tend to linger on some of their photos more than ones from other feeds.  I love how many of their images show an item (a gourd perhaps) in complete focus. And everything around it is blurry. I know this has something to do with depth of field. But, heck, I don't know how to create that effect. If you're an expert with a camera and know how that is accomplished, please email me.


The Spiral Rock
The Spiral Rock offers up some really wonderful product pics on their Instagram feed. I love how they use so many angles and add cool looking measurement tools so you know what size everything actually is. The designer, Harriet, who I know from a couple of Facbook groups told me she often uses window ledges for her background. How cool is that? 

It appears that each and every photo I see from Fazl Socks makes me drool with envy. Their photography makes socks sexy. I think you'll be inspired by their excellent photography and you'll want to go out and buy yourself a pair of their ethically made socks. Fazlco is a screened member (like us, self-serving pitch) of Fair Trade Federation.

Flavour Design Studio
There is no way that Flavour Design Studio was NOT going to make this list. Elan, their founder and designer has an incredible eye. Everything from product design to photography, everything she touches has such style. Flavor Design was my neighbor many times at trade shows, and their booth always looked perfect. As far as photography goes, it's clear that Elan carefully plans each of her shots which really in turn express the mood she is after. It's a cold day. Oh that soup in her Buddha Bowl is steaming. Looking for good luck? Her bowls are filled with just the right Lucky Charm cereal. She's on my pedestal.

M.Lew Jewelry
Melissa Lew knows how to make her jewelry rock on Instagram. Her feed is really fun to follow and she has a great eye for combining lifestyle shots with great product photography. She is a Museum Store Association vendor colleague of mine. And she also happens to be one of the most collaborative and helpful people around. Without asking, she'll jump in and offer assistance whenever she knows she can. Definitely check out her jewelry and her photography! 

Awamaki Peru
Awamaki Peru sure draws me into their Instagram feed. They have some lovely product shots. And their images of their colorful artisans are dreamy.  After following along, you'll feel as if you KNOW their weavers, their community and their beautiful products. Dreaming of a new pair of winter gloves? This Fair Trade Federation member company could be the perfect resource.

Helen Gotlib
My niece, and a fabulous artist she is, Helen Gotlib earns a thumbs up for her Instagram feed. Her product is her wonderful artwork. And she does an amazing job showcasing it. You'll see many pics of her and her process in her studio. Including many videos. Drool. Drool. (Watching what she does with video might encourage you to do the same.) She manages to obtain and share lots of shots of her work in their final homes. And some of those homes are Architectural Digest worthy.

Mayamam Weavers
Perhaps you read my last blog post that included thoughts from Mayamam Weavers about their design process and working with artisans in Guatemala. Now, our Fair Trade Federation colleague deserves a shout-out for their fabulous photography. Yes, we follow them on Instagram. And I'm always amazed how they manage so many ways to show off their gorgeous textiles. What most impresses me is how they stage so many engaging shots. At a picnic. Baking cookies. Drinking martinis. Washing dishes. They're so clever!

Indigo Jones
Are you a foodie? Then you must follow my high school friend (yes, high school), Shari Hershon from Indigo Jones. You'll want to eat everything she bakes and cooks. Her photography is just that enticing. She also bakes to order, so if you need gluten-free eye candy, she's your person.  Go ahead. Start drooling.  She also lists some of her treats in her Etsy shop.

Kahiniwalla is an expert when it comes to baby toys and rattles. And they definitely have their photography down to a tee. I mean, who doesn't want to see an adorable photo of a child playing with a colorful toy? Their Instagram feed will fill you with smiles. Did I say that Kahiniwalla is also a Fair Trade Federation member? Their beautiful offerings are ethically made in Bangladesh.

Product Photography Ideas from Dunitz
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So now that I've shared some of my favorite Instagram feeds for photography inspiration, can you suggest some of your favorites to me?  Please email them to my attention and I promise I'll have a look.  My 2021 goal after reviewing these feeds for this post, is to take some extra time and create some staged photos. Maybe Dunitz fair trade jewelry on wrists, reading a book, with elbows on a table.





Dunitz fair trade bead jewelry
Dunitz & Company
For a closing thought, let me share a smokin' hot pic I like a lot from the Dunitz & Company Instagram feed. -ND